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For the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about how to get in on the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday deals. What could I offer? A discount like everyone else? A gift with every purchase? 

Sales and offers don’t necessarily feel inauthentic to the ACE Brand, however mindless consumerism does.

I shared my concerns to my dearest soul sister of a friend, Gaby.

“I don’t want to give some flashy discount to my customers. I want to do something more meaningful,” I told her. 

She responded, “Then donate a portion of your sales. Pick a Native American organization that focuses on education, because they are the ones we need to remember this week.” 

She was right. My heart filled with warmth. I was so thankful for her guidance.

I started to do my research on local organizations and decided on the American Indian Community House (AICH). It’s local to NYC, and I very much want to be able to get involved myself.

From their website: 

The mission of American Indian Community House (AICH) is to provide an urban oasis for the Indigenous Peoples of the western hemisphere who are in the greater New York area, empowering them with skills and education in order to compete in 21st Century urban living. We strive to build bridges of cultural understanding and strengthen community ties.

AICH was founded in 1969 and has grown into a multi-faceted social support agency and cultural center with a staff of 35 that serves the estimated 27,000 Native Americans in New York City. They provide programs in job training and placement; health services referral; HIV referral and case management services; and counseling programs for alcoholism and substance use. How amazing is that? 

Unfortunately this past summer, the AICH lost their annual $1 million dollar funding from the Indian Health Service. Despite this, members are determined more than ever to continue their mission in serving the indigenous population of NYC. 

I see this as an opportunity to rise up.

In honor of giving thanks, ACE will donate 10% of every purchase to the American Indian Community House from November 22 until November 27. 

That is $21.50 each sale of The Daniel backpack.

Buying The Daniel this weekend isn’t just about getting a handy, minimalist, vegan, and eco-friendly backpack. It is taking a fabricated holiday opaqued by consumerism and honoring Native Americans.

Gift yourself a little love, get yourself a backpack you can really be thankful for (and proud of), and actually pay it forward. So those in greater need can have something to be grateful for, too.

Stay Shiny,

Danielle Magee 

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