August: Moon Vibes x #GIRLSQUAD

Let’s dive in: the feels are so fucking real. Looking back to my kickstarter/look book shoot, I am at a loss for words but also, have SO much to say. The night before I couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious and excited- my mind was buzzing with so many thoughts:

“What if I fuck this all up?!”

“What if I forget something?”

“Did I print enough scripts?!??”

“Ugh, I forgot about food- I DIDN’T ASK ABOUT ALLERGIES!!!!!!”

“COFFEE- how could I forget COFFEE?” *texts bf frantically* “PLEASE MAKE BOX OF COFFEE OMGGGGG”

“I’m in debt. SO much debt…like I can only eat ramen and pasta debt.”

Before I knew it, I was at a WeWork in Williamsburg getting my hair and makeup done, thinking how surreal this all was. They were here for ACE. I’m here for ACE. What. The. Damn. Hell?!

Then…more thoughts:

“I feel so insecure….how am I supposed to pretend to be confident?!”

“ACE is all about female empowerment…I literally want to hide in a hole.”

“Will people even want to hear my story? What’s so great about my story…”

All of a sudden, Depeche Mode comes on the radio, silencing my frantic thoughts. Depeche Mode is my Dad’s favorite band of all time. It was as if he was telling me:

You got this. I’m with you. I’ve been with you the whole time.

I teared up, but held it all back since my amazing makeup artist, Noël, did a *KILLER* job. But I told everyone in the room about my Dad. Noël said, “He’s with you. You got this.”

The shoot went so smoothly, perfectly, I can even say- which is apparently unheard of. We stayed on track and even ended the day early. A huge shout out to Willa Kammerer and Victoria Ng for putting together the most rockstar #girlsquad I could’ve ever asked for. 

Producer: Willa Kammerer

Video Director: Victoria Ng

Assistant Camera: Mirella Cardoso

Hair Stylist: Jessica Begonia

Makeup Artist: Noël Jacoboni

Model: Imani McCormick

Photographer: Nicole Angeles

We talked about crystals, female empowerment, zodiac signs…AND to make this day even more amazing, the universe gifted us with a solar eclipse. The moon vibes were out of this world. I truly felt in my bones, something in me changed. My zodiac sign is a cancer, which means i’m ruled by the moon. Apparently, it’s my time to get shit done in the world, and I am so about it.

I have to emphasize how important it is to believe in one another. I walked into that room not believing in myself, forgetting why I started ACE. But I had 7 women tell me otherwise, that my story is worthy, I AM worthy, and ACE is worthy.

It is such a powerful feeling when someone believes in you. All of a sudden, the storm in your heart and soul find the clarity to do what you were meant to do.

Here is my declaration: I believe in you. I believe in your story. Your truth. I believe in what makes you afraid, and I believe that you can conquer it.

The world needs what you’ve got.  



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