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Dear Diary 11/07

Let’s just rip the band aid off right here- on November 7th, 2015 my Dad died unexpectedly while I was traveling in Vietnam. I can still feel that same exact pain I felt that day receiving the worst phone call of my life. If you’re reading this, and you’ve lost someone- you know that pain. […]

Dear Diary 10/26

I’m sitting here in the basement of my coffee shop, crying my eyes out over this incomprehensible void I feel. I’m nauseous, my head is throbbing, my eyes sting from the tears. It’s been two days since launch and i’m already half way funded on Kickstarter…but the grief is hitting me all over again to […]

Why ACE is Made in America

We’ve been conditioned as consumers to believe that the products we buy are dehumanized. That there is no face behind our clothes, or our iPhones, or the food we eat. We are told to spend money, consume, and be so instantly gratified to a point where we don’t even care about the “who” behind our […]

Lemonade for Women Entrepreneurs

Has anyone every told you when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, when someone said that to me, I wanted to punch them in the face and say, “No. I will NOT make any f*cking lemonade.” As entrepreneurs, we are quite literally making something out of nothing. That is miracle work! It can be […]