Lemonade for Women Entrepreneurs

Has anyone every told you when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, when someone said that to me, I wanted to punch them in the face and say, “No. I will NOT make any f*cking lemonade.”

As entrepreneurs, we are quite literally making something out of nothing. That is miracle work! It can be draining.

Women entrepreneurs have their own battles to warrior through. We as women are under pressure to keep it together in a male dominated world, in fear that our “femininity” is a sign of weakness.

But women are constantly shattering the glass ceiling, despite the odds.

The universe isn’t always on our side. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop being the badasses we know and love. Here are five steps to help our fellow women warriors, so the next time life gives you lemons you can give them the hand and say, “uh, no thanks. I GOT THIS!”

Have a f*cking meltdown!

Um, what? I thought being a badass is keeping it together, even through the bad? Not exactly. Sometimes the best way to get through those tough times is to CRY. Scream into your pillow. Mope in bed all day. Eat your feelings. Whatever it is, just have your melt down already!

Real talk, you earned it. My meltdowns usually consist of crying obnoxiously while eating popcorn and vegan ice cream, then hitting my Dammit Doll over and over again until I am out of breathe. What do I do after my meltdown? I feel released and ready to put myself back together. Now, it’s time for some self care. 

Make decisions that serve you

Sorry, but binge drinking because you’re sad is not going to serve you. In fact, it is just going to give you a headache the next morning. Do you know what else doesn’t serve you? Not making time for yourself.

You do not have to go straight back to the hustle after you have your meltdown. Ease into it.

Hydrate. Make time to cook yourself a healthy vegan meal. Do some yoga. Yoga With Adriene has some great yoga quickies. Meditate. Take a hot bath and infuse yourself in organic essential oils. Read a book. Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier to do some morning stretches. Make time for yourself. Make time to LOVE yourself. You will be more productive and less high strung. It really makes all the difference.

Set Boundaries

This is a big one. SET SOME F*CKING BOUNDARIES. I have met so many entrepreneurs that say, “I forgot to eat and sleep because I was so warped into my work.” It is truly amazing that you can be SO inspired and dedicated to your hustle, but if it comes at the cost of your health, you WILL burn out. What good will that do for yourself AND your business? You may be able to create for 24 hours straight but how sustainable is that? Set boundaries to be a normal human that eats, sleeps, and breathes. Then, set boundaries to be the badass female hustler you are.

For example: From 8 AM until 12 PM I am dedicating this time to work on my business. Then from 12 PM-2 PM I will take a break and eat lunch. From 2 PM until 6 PM I’m back in the hustle. Then, take the evening off for dinner and spending time with your loved ones. (Oh, and checking your e-mail every 5 minutes counts as working. Be present.)   

Detox, hard!

Take a break. An actual break where you don’t do work. Whether it be a two-week vacation or a one-week breather where you just need a little detox from the entrepreneur lifestyle. Even one day of distance can be enough. Some of us (like me) need a little more time. I take Thanksgiving until January off to be present with my family during the holidays. I need a long detox in order to feel a complete and total reset. Then, once the new year rolls in I’m back on my a-game, recharged and ready as ever.

Sometimes creating a little distance from your work is necessary.

Your heart and mind are still on the prize. You are just a human being trying to live your human life. Can I get an amen?!

Another thing that is important is knowing when to walk away. We have all had those moments where we spend hours and hours on a project but it seems to be going nowhere. We get frustrated, the self-doubt creeps in, and the worst part is that our work isn’t fun anymore. Know when to hit the pause button.

Allow yourself to be your worst self

Fear and suffering are all part of the journey. Don’t shut it down. Embrace the fear. Embrace the discomfort. Suffer. We are not always able to be our best selves, my sisters. But sometimes we need to be our worst selves, to be our best selves.

Show yourself some compassion if you are burnt out. Be kind and gentle. Life can be really shitty sometimes, and it is completely okay to be thrown off. Let go of self-judgement. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that this is where we are today.

Honor that shit.

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