Roses & Thorns: July Edition

I’m currently writing this as I eagerly wait to board my flight to España with my mom and sister for a much needed two week vacation of bottomless vino and tapas! BUT that’s not the only thing I am excited about.

I have so, so much to update you on. It is fucking unreal. But the best part? IT IS REAL.

The way I like to check in with myself is to play a little game called Roses & Thorns. The rose is what you are loving about life right now/what you are excited about. The thorn is the bummer in your life. Here are my Roses & Thorns: July Edition!


There have ALWAYS been thorns on this journey: order minimums on materials, re-doing the sample making process with another factory, running four avenues in heels for the NJTransit so I wouldn’t be late to my next meeting, crazy flight delays to/from Atlanta and seeing my savings account head closer to zero…

I have come to realize there will always be thorns. It never stops. But now, I trust the process. I trust this path. I know I will get through it, because I know I will not give up.

So do I have any thorns? YOU BET I DO. The process has brought me to hell and back, but you know what? I keep going. And I want to thank all of you for trusting the process with me.


I HAVE SO MANY ROSES, YOU GUYS! The development process has been by far the hardest. After three rounds of samples and too many flights back and forth to Atlanta, I decided to find a production partner in the NYC area. A fabric supplier I befriended along this journey recommended I reach out to Leatherworks by Arturo, a factory in New Jersey. At this point, it was May and I had already expected to have my final sample ready by then. I was wayyyy past my *self-imposed* deadline. A new sample from scratch would take months…

I looked on Leatherwork’s website and saw their tagline: Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was worth the wait!

I e-mailed one of the owners, Christina, telling her I felt really behind with the development process, but I know good things take time, just like Rome! She reassured me and said, “I will make sure it is well worth the wait.”

I knew from that moment on I would LOVE working with her. I came in for a consult, showed her my bag, and she said she could have the next sample ready in a week. And let me just say…she delivered something even BETTER than I imagined. I’d like to introduce you the FINAL sample of The Daniel. HOLLA!

& here’s a peek into the Leatherwork’s By Arturo factory in Union City, New Jersey with a spotlight on Domingo, who created my sample!


Is it weird to say I feel like I gave birth? Because I quite literally feel like this backpack is my infant baby child. I never thought in a million years I’d be here.


I am currently working on my campaign script, and want to make a special shout out to everyone who has reviewed/edited this with me. It is definitely not easy, and I am eternally grateful.

Because ACE is a women’s empowerment brand, I wanted to find a female videographer to bring the story to life. After a few referrals, I decided to join forces with Firestarter Interactive. It is women-owned AND they are 1% for the planet! I could not be happier.

I am projecting to launch my campaign this Fall 2017, where you will all be able to order pre-sales!!

Thank you a thousand times over for your continued support. It truly means everything. 

I’m officially off to España! My Dad always spoke of the crystal clear waters and pristine beaches of Majorca. I can’t wait to be where he has been, and to soak up all the beauty this island has to offer.

Stay Shiny,


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