Why #TheDaniel is the perfect travel companion

When I first came up with the idea to design a backpack, it started with my first love: traveling.

Little seeds were planted in my brain way before that, though. I went on my first solo-travel trip to Norway in February of 2015. I fell in love with Norwegian culture because everything was so simple. Norway was my first look into minimalism – as a lifestyle and as a way of design.

Everything about Norway was beautifully simple.

I became obsessed with saving money after that trip because I immediately wanted to get back out there and see more. Experience more. Learn more.

I saved 2k from February until August, and first on my travel itinerary was Uganda. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to also make some tiny cash flow (lol $50 to be exact) every week abroad with my social media gigs. So I brought my college backpack along with me to carry my “everyday work” essentials.

But my college backpack wasn’t a travel backpack. It wasn’t even a work backpack, and it definitely wasn’t a women’s backpack.

Serendipitously, I ended up having my “a-ha” moment in Uganda which you can read here!

So if you’re on the go like me, I designed The Daniel for women like us. Here are 5 reasons why The Daniel is the perfect travel companion!

Fits all your sh*t for the day!

Are you a digital nomad? Need a backpack that holds all your tech needs? The Daniel’s got you covered. Here’s what you can fit:

  • 13″ laptop
  • camera (I have a Sony a6300, so it’s on the smaller size)
  • GoPro
  • Selfie stick
  • laptop charger, mophie, and phone charger
  • Klean Kanteen
  • wallet and passport
  • glasses case
  • a snack!
  • plus, a little makeup bag for those on-the-go touch-ups 😉

Water-resistant and easy to clean

The shell of the backpack is made from a vegan, water-resistant canvas that is intended to LAST. Sailors used to use this type of fabric in the 1800s durability and to stay warm.

You can’t drench this backpack in a pool of water, but if you’re walking around exploring your new favorite city and it starts to rain, you’re good.

It’s easy to clean, too! Blogging in the sandy dunes of the desert? Don’t worry, just take a wet cloth and wipe off any dirt. No soap or any other cleaning supplies needed. In fact, that will damage the wax canvas!

If you find after extensive trekking, sight-seeing and soul-searching that your backpack is looking a little dull, you can spruce it up with Martexin Original Wax*. Like high-quality leather, waxed canvas ages beautifully. It LOOKS better the more you use it.

But just like leather, waxed canvas needs it’s TLC touch ups occasionally. You can ALWAYS restore your bag to its original pristine conditions no matter how hard the ride.

Small and simple

My main issue in packing my day bag was that it had TOO much room. The weight buried to the bottom of my backpack, causing me MAJOR back pain. But I packed sh*t that I “may or may not” need just in case. The Daniel is designed to be minimal. It will help you control the need to overpack for the day and won’t put unnecessary weight on your back when you need to be light on your feet! You can also use The Daniel as your extra carry-on item on your flight!

It’s small, compact, and better for your back than a tote or over the shoulder bags. Now you can bike around Amsterdam and feel liberated from the baggage!

Doesn’t compromise functionality over style

As women, our backpack options are pretttty slim. You have the choice of buying a utilitarian backpack made for dudes, by dudes. OR, you have some cute purse like backpack that doesn’t fit ANYTHING. I got sick of tactical backpacks and tote bags/purses because I wanted something that works for ME, a twenty-something year old woman who’s trying to make her mark on this world.  

The Daniel is made for comfort – padded, with adjustable straps. In addition, The Daniel equally distributes weight across your back because of the suitcase style opening to keep your back happy and healthy.

There are also pockets to keep your everyday essentials organized and in place. There’s a sleeve for your laptop, two front pockets, a sleeve for an iPad/tablet/or planner, and a quick access pouch for your chargers, featuring a key clip because I hate fishing around for my keys. Plus, as solo travelers- safety first. A key clip can be the difference between getting in quick and someone mugging you in front of your Airbnb.


As a traveler, I’m sure you have fallen in love with mother nature like I have. Why create products that hold her down, when we can create and invest in products that lift her up? I wanted to design something with mother nature, humanity, and empowerment as part of my mission.

The Daniel is vegan, sustainable, made in America, and designed to empower women.

Now lock it up! You’re travel ready babe.

Pre-order your backpack on Kickstarter now and get the very first edition of #TheDaniel, designed for revolutionary women: http://kck.st/2kR7yJb

* I will be offering Martexin Original Wax for a discounted price to sell on my online store once pre-orders are confirmed by November 15th!

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